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Business Jet Operator

This category is meant to honor business aircraft operators, and nominees in this category will be assessed based on every aspect of aircraft operation, flight safety, aircraft crew management, employees satisfaction and passenger experience.

Broker - Aircraft Broker/Charter Broker

Awards in this category will honor brokers that have offered exceptional services, demonstrated innovative performances and have added value to the sector; either as an aircraft broker or charter broker.

Handler / FBO

This category offers a level ground for nominees to distinguish themselves through unique practices in flight handling, service and support to aircraft crews, passengers and crew launches and hangar providers, ground support companies and other allied operations that has propelled the aviation industry.

Service Provider

Award in this category is meant to recognize companies and individuals who have demonstrated unrivaled devotion and support to business aviation especially in the aspects of aircraft operation and development. Also, remarkable contributions from Flight planning companies, permits and navigation providers, aircraft catering providers, Maintenance organizations, Flight crew training organizations, Safety auditors and collaborating companies and individuals will be duly honored for inputs in business Aviation and aircraft operation.

Business Aviation Airport

Nominees in this category are awarded for their immense contribution and demonstration of excellent business capabilities as well as outstanding airport operation and practices leading/supporting/aiming smooth aircraft operation, supporting Flight crews and providing the highest level aviation services and comfort for general Aviation passengers.

Innovation in Business Aviation

The business aviation sector is experiencing rapid transition from conventional practices to top-tier methods of approach. We have seen successful integration of state of the art technology through innovations that were initiated by passionate aviation stakeholders. This award will honor these giant strides that have made aviation industry standout among its peers. Awards will be presented to honor innovative services, practices and effective technology integration in business aviation.

Lifetime Achievement

the Lifetime Achievement award is presented to nominees who have made landmark contributions to business aviation throughout their career.
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a spectacular individual who has performed amazingly well while in service as well as their accomplishments in aviation. This award seeks to recognize members of other professions who have devoted their professional lives to the improvement of the profession. Every aviation professional is invited to nominate one outstanding candidate for this prestigious international award. To efficiently narrow the criteria for nominations in this category,
Nominees must have demonstrated at least 20 years of active service on the field and served for at least ten years in Aviation leadership positions. Nominees may be retired or still in service.

Woman in Aviation

This category will award women who have defied every odd in the aviation business and have made their mark through active presence and foremost contributions. Awards in this category will be presented to women who have strived hard to propel positive developments and initiatives that have changed the aviation industry landscape alongside their male counterparts. Women nominated in this category of awards have acted in various leadership and organizational capacities across all facets of the industry.

Young Talent / Start Up

We are all aware of the numerous challenges and hurdles of starting from scratch in all facet of human endeavor. The aviation industry is no exception, as such, this award seeks to honor the persistent efforts of young individuals who has gone through the ups and downs of aviation business startups. Nominees in this category are the future caretakers of our beloved aviation sector and we at Sapphire Pegasus have taken it upon ourselves to give them a well deserved aplaus and appreciation. Entries in this category are for companies and individuals under five and 35 years respectively and have shown applaudable performances in the aviation business.

Charity / Relief Effort

Nominations in this category are for aviation businesses, executives or individuals who have extended a hand of kindness and generosity to people in need across the world through charity and relief effort. This unique series of the award will highlight the marvelous contributions made by nominees towards reaching out to the needy and vulnerable members of the community. We will honor the efforts of nominees channeled into supporting humanitarian and charity efforts.
As an all-encompassing industry seeking to make the world a better place to live in, business aviation has demonstrated love and unity by reaching out to people and communities in crisis by flying people with illnesses to centers for treatment, transporting blood and organs to hospitals, connecting military veterans with their families, and providing emergency relief services to victims of natural disasters.

Business Aviation Journalist / Topic Coverage

Nominees in this category will be rewarded for their determination and drive for aviation journalism. Judgments will be based on their show of understanding of business aviation, articles, and features. Nominees in this category are expected to have served for a significant part of his or her career in the business aviation industry as a contracted journalist to any of the recognized business Aviation news, magazines, website. Nominations are welcomed from both current and former owners, publisheres, executives or employees. The sole objective of this award is to applaud a track record of excellence and service to aviation mass media such as newspapers and journalism outlets.

Outstanding Design

Design plays a vital role in business Aviation regardless of whether you are into business jets, helicopters, VIP lounges or business Aviation offices. This category is open to every professional, company, studio or designer who has offered or adopted unusual design(s) for an entire or any part of the plane, helicopter, airport, lounge or office space for business Aviation purposes.

Outstanding Communication in Business Aviation

Effective communication is critical to driving the success of businesses, and the aviation sectors are no exemption. This category of awards is presented to aviation professionals or team who have performed excellently in planning and managing the communication chain. Nominees include teams from communication departments, Corporate spokespeople, and Public relations agencies.

Business Aviation Photography

As an all-encompassing award series, professional and amateur aviation photographers will be awarded for their skills and passion for delivering fascinating photographs of memorable moments and events including photographs of planes, helicopters, airports or life in business Aviation.

Outstanding Contribution to Business Aviation

Nominations in this category are reserved for members of the advisory board. This category is dedicated to aviation elites who have stimulated change and development in the industry considering lifetime work, performance and achievements.
* The nominees for this category are nominated by the Advisory Board only and entries can be sent in via email. The Advisory Board will consider entries and Voting are for Board members only.